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3/4" Square drive 65-450NM Ratchet Torque wrench Draper

  • [WebSH3.Article.Reference]: DR65450670
  • [WebSH3.Article.Brand]: Draper
  • [WebSH3.Article.Availability]: [WebSH3.Article.Availability.PreOrder]

[WebSH3.Article.Price]: 164,99 [WebSH3.General.Devise.EUR]

Reversible ratchet head. Nm and lb-ft engraved on the barrel of the wrench with a micrometer type sleeve, allowing accurate preset torque values to be set. When torque is reached the wrench produces an audible click and a release of tension. Marked range: 65-450Nm/51.6-291 lb-ft. Overall length 840mm. Calibration certificate included. Supplied in blow mould storage case.